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Pest control is probably as old as agriculture, and although many techniques have changed over the years, it's definition as a whole remains the same. It refers to the handling and enforcement of another species that is believed to be hazardous to a person's health, property, or the environment.

Although ants, termites, cockroaches and other insects play an important role in the environment we live in, they are more than simply an annoying problem to take care of sometime in the future. Many household pests can cause significant damage to homes and even transmit illnesses and disease to humans in their contact.

Perhaps the most important initial step to controlling infestations is to determine correctly what type of pest, or pests, you are dealing with. Doing this often requires fairly extensive knowledge of pest biology and habits. Since most of us either aren't willing to observe a pest long enough to identify it's species, and don't have the necessary knowledge to so, it's important to employ the assistance of a knowledgeable pest control service.

There are several ways for pests to enter your home. In every home or property there are trouble areas where certain pests gravitate, and these should be taken into account when faced with possible infestation. Knowing hot spots and taking measures to correct problems can help to prevent pests from taking up residence where they aren't wanted.

  • When there are tiny gaps between plumbing pipes and walls, mice, roaches and other pests can easily enter your home.
  • Garbage cans with no lid that are stored beneath the sink can attract flies, roaches, ants and rodents looking for food.
  • If food in pantries and storage areas, like the basements that isn't sealed properly are a magnet for pests like roaches and rodents.
  • If attics and crawl spaces aren't sealed correctly they can be access points for spiders and other pests.
  • Blocked gutters can accumulate moisture, which is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • When grass and weeds are allowed to grow high and out of control, pests will take advantage of the situation by entering your home.
  • Firewood that is stacked directly on the ground, near your home can lead to pests like termites and carpenter ants.
  • Some pests like mosquitoes and fleas enter the home through small openings around windows and door frames.

Although taking steps to control these areas in your home isn't a fool proof way to insure that your home and property will remain pest free, it certainly will help to ease the possibility. A great deal of pest control should be based on prevention techniques.

Pest Control - Interesting Facts

An adult rat can squeeze into a hole in your house as small as the size of a quarter.


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