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Animal Control and Removal

Outdoor recreation and our enjoyment of it is enhanced by wildlife and wild animals. Animals become a control issue when urbanization encroaches on their natural environments and habitats. As that happens, they can be destructive to property, resources, and agriculture, and can even threaten human safety and health.

Animals that come within human contact can potentially cause several problems that need to be remedied before they become out of control. Some wildlife will cause damage to homes and buildings, prey on domestic livestock and pets, cause public health issues, and raid trash cans and outside food sources.

For the most part, the wildlife that comes into human territory is either welcomed or simply considered a nuisance and mostly ignored. There are times, however, when animal control is necessary. When animals negatively effect our way our life, often they are not only considered pests, but most certainly should be repelled or removed from critical areas.While some circumstances may be simple enough to manage without calling a service, it's important to keep in mind that many animals can bite, claw or kick when they are approached and afraid. Uneducated removal may also result in illnesses that the creatures harbor being transferred to humans in the attempt.

Government animal services are limited in the steps they can take in order to remove animals from personal property. Typically they cannot remove nesting animals from attics, crawl spaces or between walls. City or state animal control are not wild life specialists and in many cases could end up doing more damage than good.

In the event you have an animal control problem, carefully weigh your options before making a decision about what steps to take regarding removal. As stated earlier, there are some cases that can easily be taken care of using home remedies, store purchsed traps and repellants, and there are some animals that should be left to specialists.To avoid injury, further damage or population growth among the animals that have infested your property or home, it may be best to call an animal control specialist and at least find out how they would handle the situation.

Animal Control - Interesting Facts

Carpenter ants do more damage to a home in a shorter amount of time than termites.