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Bat Control and Bat Removal

Identifying Bats

The only real flying mammals, bats have forelimbs that are developed as wings. Flying squirrels and other mammals that are credited with flight can only glide limited distances. Only bats are capable of actual flight.

Diet and Feeding Tendencies

North American bats are for the most part insectivorous, feeding largely on of flying insects, many of which are harmful to humans. While amounts vary greatly depending on the species the nightly consumption of insects by a bats colony can be extremely large.

Bat Damage and Control Options

When bats take up residence in a building, they often enter through attic and roof vents chimneys, various conduits and even around windows. Discovery of a few bats in a house is frequently a problem, and can even decrease the value of the home.

There are several kinds of damage that bats can inflict on homes and buildings, including rub marks, and the presence of guano. Bat dropping cause an unpleasant smell, and is one that can even be detected outside of the structure that contains it. Smell is also a major problem when the animals die in hard to reach or inaccessible areas. Decomposition of both the guano and bodies can also attract insect and bug infestations as well.

Guano also provides perfect conditions for the development of microorganisms, many of which are harmful to humans. Accumulations can also result in stains on walls and ceilings, create safety hazards and collapse ceilings. Bat excrement may also contaminate stored food, commercial products, and work surfaces.

The presence of bat roosts near human living areas can result in excreta, animal dander, insect fragments, and various microorganisms entering air ducts. Such contaminants can result in airborne particles of public health significance (Frantz 1988).

When bats become a problem in your home or office building, it is often necessary to find professionals in your area with well established and safe techniques for removal in order to get rid of them. Click here for assistance in finding a company that will manage your bat control and removal in a timely and humane manner.

Animal Control - Interesting Facts

Africanized honeybees have been known to chase people for over 1/4 mile once they get excited or aggressive.