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Digging Animal Control and Removal

The term 'digging animals' primarily refers to any outside underground animal that creates their home by digging. These animals are a nuisance around homes and on property because they are known for digging tunnels below the surface of the ground for shelter and food. Not only can damage be done to fields and grasses, they are drawn to both flower and vegetable gardens where insects are commonly on root systems. Although most digging animals like moles are insectivores, their tendency to tear roots and root systems foraging for food often kills the plants above ground.

It isn't uncommon for digging animals to create anywhere from 10-30 mounds of dirt a month with no visible holes or entrances. Aside from ruining landscaping, mounds and trails can cause injuries when they are stepped on by livestock or people who aren't paying attention. Additionally, when burrows are dug along side or underneath a home, they can seriously weaken the structural integrity of a deck, shed, or even the foundation of a home. Digging animals include moles, gophers, voles, muskrats, armadillos, prairie dogs and shrews.