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Identifying Geese

Canada Geese are one of the most familiar and common geese in North America. The size decreases northward with the smallest living in the high Arctic coastal tundra. Generally making their homes throughout the majority of North America in lakes, bays, rivers and marshes, geese are often seen eating in open grasslands and stubble fields. In reservoirs and especially in parks they have become a semi-domesticated bird that thrives on human contact and feedings.

Geese Diet and Feeding Tendencies

When left to their own food hunting resources, geese generally feed on submerged aquatic vegetation, shoots and stems of sedges, grasses, and other water plants. They also seek out seeds and cultivated grains; some insects, berries, crustaceans, mollusks. When they become more domesticated, or find areas where there are crops at their disposal, geese will flourish through people feeding them and by wiping out wheat, grain corn fields.

Damage and Control

Geese will destroy property, create unsightly conditions and cause significant economic losses and problems. Freshly mowed grass, athletic fields and golf course lakes are only a few of the environments that attract geese to make urban areas permanent homes. Turf, decorative fountains and standing pools of water (particularly at airports) also provide geese with adaptable habitats.

Not only will they totally wipe out corn, grain and wheat crops, geese are known to damage property with their feces, and can become rather aggressive toward humans. In many cases geese become accustomed to deterrence tactics, and once they become domesticated and a nest is established, geese will simply refuse to leave, and often further assistance is required by landowners to remove them.

When geese become a pest control problem, it is often necessary to find professionals in your area with a well established set of techniques for removal in order to get rid of them. Click the link, for assistance in finding a company that will take care of your Geese control problems right away.

Animal Control - Interesting Facts

Ants can lift up to 20 times their body weight.