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Generally speaking, people encounter reptiles and amphibians (especially snakes and alligators) because their property or something on the property provides a habitat that is conducive to their way of living. Most animals that are outside of their natural environment seek out places to hide, and reptiles and amphibians are no different. Good hiding places can include personal property, land, and even homes if there is sufficient access.

Like most animals, reptiles such as snakes will choose flight before fight as a defense. A startled or irritated snake however, will most certainly protect itself should the need arise. Bites or attacks by snakes can mostly be avoided just by using a little common sense. However, because snakes, like just about any other wild animal, can be temperamental, it's difficult to know how they will respond to any given situation. It is best to keep a safe distance--especially from a snake that cannot be readily distinguished as harmless.

Although not a common problem in most areas of the United States, alligators can be difficult to safely get rid of should the need arise. Those that end up around people quickly become conditioned; especially when food is involved. Feeding alligators has the potential to cause them to lose the fear of humans. Alligators that are familiar with humans can become a danger, especially children, since they often become aggressive or fearless as a result of being fed. It should be understood that feeding alligators isn't the only way that they become acclimatized. Ponds and waterways at golf courses and high-density housing create a similar problem when alligators become accustomed to living near people. During periods of draught, alligators often travel in search of new water and feeding zones causing human/alligator confrontation and even sometimes human death.

In the event you find a snake, alligator or other reptile on your property, there are safe and effective means to have them removed with less chance of being injured in the process. Professional trappers can effectively identify and extract an unwanted snake or any other reptile or amphibian that may decide to take up residence on your property.