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Rodents can be a problem regardless of the neighborhood, where they can contaminate food, spread disease and even cause fires when they gnaw through electrical wiring. The reproductive potential for two rats or mice can be staggering, and as a result, infestations should be controlled as quickly as possible.

Rodents can live in around homes and in commercial buildings, in open fields and on farm lands. The onset of cold weather causes rodents like mice and rats to find shelter and food inside, so fall and winter months are high activity times for rodent infestations.

Once rodents make their way into a home or other structure, they can be detected by their droppings, evidence of fresh gnawing, and torn open containers. Generally they will leave droppings and contaminate food and create damage along their traveling route. Tracks can be seen in mud and on dusty surfaces, and burrows and runways can be found next to buildings, along fences, and under low vegetation and debris.

Rats and mice love kitchens, bathrooms, furniture and cabinets, and like to make their nests in drawers, closets and garages. There are times when rodents will make their nests in attics, but since they prefer to stay closer to their food source, ground floor nesting is more likely.

Although it is something that should be done initially when a rodent infestation is identified, simply removing and restoring a food source is not a fool proof way to rid your self of the problem. Often this action simply causes the animals to adapt and search out other storage spaces. In addition to making their way into kitchens and pantries, many of these animals will dig underneath decks, crawl spaces, and porches to build dens.

Though you will find that there are many options for controlling a rodent infestation like the various types of mouse traps and rat traps, actually extracting them can be a difficult process, especially when many animals have taken up residence in a given area. Often the best solution to an infestation is to use a trained professional that specializes in rodent removal in a humane and efficient way.

Rodent pests include rats, mice, squirrels, beavers, chipmunks, muskrats, nutria, porcupine, pocket gophers, raccoons, skunks, voles, and woodchucks.